Snow Portraits – a must in North Dakota!

Two days since that last post and things have changed pretty dramatically outside! There isn’t much that isn’t coated heavily in snow, and it keeps falling. So, I made my little muse jump outside for some snowy fun photos. Actually, these are literally just outside our back door and front door. We were outside for just a very few short minutes, but that’s all that’s neede and we got quite a nice little variety of photos. Then it was time to come in for hot coffee and cocoa!

Bismarck Mandan Senior Pictures_0013.jpg
Bismarck Mandan Senior Pictures_0014.jpg
Bismarck Mandan Senior Pictures_0015.jpg
Bismarck Mandan Senior Pictures_0016.jpg
Bismarck Mandan Senior Pictures_0017.jpg
Bismarck Mandan Senior Pictures_0018.jpg
Bismarck Mandan Senior Pictures_0019.jpg
Bismarck Mandan Senior Pictures_0020.jpg

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Not Quite Winter Portaits can be Gorgeous!

Its the in between time around here, which pretty much means everything looks brown. The greens of summer are long gone and the deep glorious golds, oranges and reds have faded. We are left with bare branches, harvested flat fields and dried up weeds. You wouldn’t think that would make for beautiful backgrounds for portraits. AimeeGrace and I have proven that to be a myth! We found some perfect places that I think you must agree made for some pretty stunning photos! So, if you feel like you missed your opportunity for senior pictures, don’t worry! Spots are out there…and I know where and how to make the ” inbetween” just as beautiful as summer and fall!

Add these style tips and make create a variety of looks in mere minutes:
1. Wear a warm jacket and change up the look with scarves and accessories – hats and mittens or a headband would be great, too.
2. One ponytail tie equals three quick hair changes!
3. Add a little pop to a monochromatic color palette, with a lip color! Just a hint of pink does the trick!

Bismarck Mandan Senior Picturs_0000.jpg
Bismarck Mandan Senior Picturs_0000a.jpg
Bismarck Mandan Senior Picturs_0001.jpg
Bismarck Mandan Senior Picturs_0003.jpg
Bismarck Mandan Senior Picturs_0004.jpg
Bismarck Mandan Senior Picturs_0005.jpg
Bismarck Mandan Senior Picturs_0006.jpg
Bismarck Mandan Senior Picturs_0007.jpg
Bismarck Mandan Senior Picturs_0008.jpg
Bismarck Mandan Senior Picturs_0010.jpg
Bismarck Mandan Senior Picturs_0011.jpg
Bismarck Mandan Senior Picturs_0012.jpg

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Minot Senior Photographer – After the Storm

Adam, his sister and mom made the trip from Minot to Hazen for his senior pictures, and I couldn’t be more thankful. The weather seemed to be against us, but as it turned out it was gorgeous. Well, it did get very overcast and a thunderstorm rolled through. Have you ever noticed the light just after a storm? When the sky is a dark super saturated blue and the colors of everything all around are intense and glowing? I’ve always loved it and have thought how perfect it is for portraits, but the timing was never right. It only lasts a short time….sometimes only minutes. So, as we were driving through a parking lot, after taking some shots in the drizzly rain after the little storm, I came to an immediate stop and jumped out of the car. We literally took photos in the parking lot! And then the light was gone. But in those few mintues, I think I got some of my favorite shots of the 2017 senior pictures season!



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Windy Bismarck Engagement Photo Session

In North Dakota you just never know what the weather will bring. This day was one of those crazy blustery windy days. As I was driving to Bismarck to meet up with Taylor and Alex, I was mulling over the places we could go to get us out of the wind and still get some of the lovely fall color of the day…before the leaves all blew away. Of course the Bismarck Heritage Center was the obvious and beautiful choice. Taylor and Alex were great posing lovingly with each other, while people wandered by, or even stopped to watch.  They’re a gorgeous couple, so why wouldn’t one want to stop and smile along with them?
We also took a chance and experimented a little as we ducked into Plant Perfect Nursey, who were kind enough to let us photography there. And lastly, we braved the outdoors and headed into the parks, partially sheltered by the trees. I love looking at these, and not realizing that we were literally being blown all over and yelling above the roar of the wind in the trees. But mostly I loved getting to know this young couple a little before their big day. Honestly, I have known Tayler since she was just an adorable long blonde haired kindergartner. And it made me so happy for her to see how much Alex loves and adores her. All in all, the wind didn’t blow away anything from this day – it was perfect!Bismarck Heritage Center Engagement Photos_0004.jpg

Bismarck Engagement Photography_0005.jpgBismarck Engagement Photographer_0001.jpg

Bismarck Engagement Photos_0006.jpgBismarck Engagement Photographer_0009.jpgBismarck Engagement Photographer_0008.jpgBismarck Engagement Pictures_0007.jpg

Bismarck Heritage Center Engagement Photos_0000.jpg
Bismarck Heritage Center Engagement Photos_0002.jpg

Bismarck Engagement Photos_0002.jpg
Bismarck Engagement Photos_0003.jpg
Bismarck Engagement Pictures Photographer_0001.jpg

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Hazen Senior Girl – North Dakota Senior Photographer

I happen to have known this gem of a girl since she was just little…and I just also happen to know that she is overflowing with personality. I knew that her session would be fun, she would have some of her own wacky ideas (see the colored hair, paint and scissors?) and she would be be a willing model should I want to give something new a try….like a rainy night time experiment. And I was right. She was up for anything and we ended with senior pictures that perfectly exemplify who Kyrah is – silly, spunky and beautiful through and through!
Beautiful North Dakota Senior Photography_0002.jpg
Bismarck Senior Photographer_0001.jpg
Bismarck Senior Pictures_0000.jpg
Dickinson Senior Photos_0001.jpg
Hazen North Dakota Senior Photographer_0003.jpg
Hazen Senior Pictures Photographer_0002.jpg
Minot Senior Pictures_0000.jpg
North Dakota Senior Pictures_0000.jpg
Senior Pictures in the Rain Bismarck_0002.jpg
Sunflower Senior Pictures_0001.jpg

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