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Did you get one of these beauties recently?  It seems to be engagement season between Christmas and Valentine’s day, and I have seen so many joyful announcements!  I am excited that I am taking on more weddings this summer than I ever have before and to share that, I am offering a bit of a break when you make your wedding day photography reservation this month!  Please give me a call, email or contact here and I will send you the complete Wedding Experience Pricing Guide.  Or, even better, let’s meet and talk over all your ideas and plans over coffee!

North Dakota wedding photos

North Dakota Wedding Photographer

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North Dakota Winter Engagement Photos!

The theme of this engagement session? Falling…Clay and Kelly falling (in love)…me falling (on the ice) – okay so that’s a pretty dorky intro to this session.
It was truly a perfect winter afternoon for their engagement pictures. The weather was warm the sun was shining, and they are an adorable couple! I loved hearing their story and how Clay picked out the perfect engagement ring. He has great taste and its a stunner!
We had a great start and found some snowy spots that weren’t to slushy and still pretty white. Next cute spot was on the bench. They looked great but I had to take a few steps back to get that wide shot…whoops, down I went!
And, of course, I had to land in a puddle. Thankfully, nothing was broke, including the camera, so I could laugh it off. Clay was a gentleman and helped me up and literally pulled me up onto the snow bank. You got a good guy, there, Kelly…he didn’t even laugh.

I think we got some amazing photos and I can’t wait for October! If this is the preview, just wait until the big day – and I promise I won’t biff it again!

Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0005.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0006.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0007.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0008.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0009.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0010.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0011.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0012.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0013.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0014.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0015.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0016.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0017.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0018.jpg

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TBT- Milestones Baby Plan Sale

I just had a bunch of babies have their first birthdays and graduate from the Milestones Baby Plan.  I miss them already and I’m itching for a new batch of little ones to watch grow.

So I am going to give something new a try – a Throw Back Thursday Sale!

I’m throwing the price of the Milestones Baby Plan back to the original price of only 99.00!

Are you expecting a new arrival to your family?  Do you have a friend who is?

No year is like the first and there is no better way to capture all the miraculous changes your baby will make!

Its a limited time offer, expiring this Sunday, so click HERE to jump on it right away!

baby plan sale

Throw Back Thursday Milestones Baby Plan Sale



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We Don’t Need no Sun for Fun Family Photos!

I almost couldn’t let that title be published…I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to grammar.  But it speaks a bit of truth, so I let it stand. On a night like tonight, maybe we need a little reminder of why we actually do like winter. When its not sub zero with crazy wind and blowing snow, there is actually the opportunity to jump outside and take some really pretty pictures. We”re North Dakotans! We don’t need to wait until there is perfect spring weather to get a great family photo!
Why not show off our cute colorful jackets, hats and mittens? We do live in them half the year, don’t we?

North Dakota Winter Family Photos_0003.jpg
North Dakota Winter Family Photos_0002.jpgNorth Dakota Winter Family Photos_0001.jpg

North Dakota Winter Family Photos_0004.jpg

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There’s No Year Like the First – North Dakota Baby Photography

Its seems so cliche, but time really does go by in a blink. I remember my own babies and hearing more experienced parents warm me how time marches on.
I was skeptical….my time was so filled with changing diapers, doing laundry and strapping kids into car seats. But it did….and it does.
Time marches on. Its one of the reasons the Milestone’s Baby Plan has become so popular. At the end of the year, parents look back over all their photos
and choose their favorites to create the Milestone’s Story Board. Everytime I get a response of delight, surprise, and even a little awe…all in relation to how
fast the year went by and how much their little one has changed and grown! It’s really priceless!

Bismarck Baby Photographer_0057.jpg
Bismarck Baby Photographer_0058.jpg
Bismarck Baby Photographer_0059.jpg
Bismarck Baby Photographer_0060.jpg
Bismarck Baby Photographer_0061.jpg
Bismarck Baby Photographer_0062.jpg
Bismarck Baby Photographer_0063.jpg
Bismarck Baby Photographer_0064.jpg

Bismarck Baby Photographer_0066.jpg
Bismarck Baby Photographer_0067.jpg
Bismarck Baby Photographer_0068.jpg

” Looking back on our pictures was so fun and yet sentimental, as you don’t realize how fast time has flown until you look up at the little girl bringing you a book to read”, said Lucy’s mom, after
seeing her completed StoryBoard.
There is truly no year like the first!

Bismarck Baby Photographer_0069.jpg

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