Audrey Hepburn Inspired Senior Pictures

Audrey Hepburn Inspired Senior Pictures photo

Even though I have a personal reason to love this particular senior (yes, my own daughter), I do love how these photos turned out!  Delanie is a huge Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany’s fan – her work, her look, her charm and her wisdom. So, we took that inspiration and ran with it.   For Delanie’s senior pictures we decided to stray off the usual path and really stylize our session and be specific about the final look we wanted to achieve.   It took a little thought, brainstorming, planning and shopping.  Delanie found a great dress that had that Audrey feeling, then added in the accessories – gloves, pearls, and fascinator.  Then we shopped for a few Tiffany’s blue props… a shopping bag, jewelry boxes and flowers.  But I think the thing that really makes the look, is the lashes!  They are big and bold and really make Delanie’s eyes pop with that Wow!  We spent an early evening around the downtown area of Bismarck, using the streets, alleys, and store fronts as our sets.  We got some funny looks, some interested looks, and even a whistle.  It takes a little courage to step out of your comfort zone and push the limits a little, but oh, so worth it!  We finished the evening at a Red Lobster, where we ordered a virgin blue martini ( I had a refreshing glass of Chardonnay) to finish off the evening.  I have to say, the restaurant staff were awesome and totally helped us create the look we were going for!

I had never done a totally themed shoot before and I loved it.  Delanie loved it and said it was her favorite of all the photos we have taken together over the years.

What you see below are going to be actual pages of a book I have planned to put together.  And I have some more ideas rolling around in my head for a few more of these “inspired sessions”.  I really like the idea of creating a story with photos and with words and having a “finished product”, such as a book.

If you have a sense of adventure, can act up a part, like things a little different, give me a call/message/email.  I have some ideas, but you may have some of your own as well.  Brainstorming and talking through ideas like these is the best way to really get the creativity flowing and come up with something quite spectacular!

Themed senior picture…hmmmm….may be the next great thing!

Audrey Hepburn Inspired Senior Pictures photo

enior pictures with Tiffany blue props in alley

Audrey Hepburn Inspired Senior Pictures photoAudrey Hepburn Inspired Senior Pictures photoAudrey Hepburn Inspired Senior Pictures photoAudrey Hepburn Inspired Senior Pictures photoAudrey Hepburn Inspired Senior Pictures photoAudrey Hepburn Inspired Senior Pictures photo

Audrey Hepburn Inspired Senior Pictures photo
Jana Hill - September 17, 2013 - 9:05 PM

The ideas, the execution and her beauty make these images just perfect! Absolutely gorgeous!

Laurianna - September 17, 2013 - 8:53 PM

STUNNING! Absolutely amazing! Love these! I bet this kind of session really takes off.. she is so beautiful! Love the eyes!!


Michelle Kroll - September 17, 2013 - 7:51 PM

Stunning! These are absolutely gorgeous and stunningly beautiful! So much fun and Delanie did a great job of being in character!

Gina Chandler - September 17, 2013 - 1:24 AM

WOW! I am absolutely speechless!! SHE IS GORGEOUS!!! These are SO beautiful!!!

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Hazen Senior Pictures: Sunny Day Senior Session

Hazen Senior Pictures: Sunny Day Senior Session photo

Senior girl on old bridge
Senior girl on gravel roadSenior girl takes photos by a lake sideSenior Girl outdoor stairsSenior girl outdoor photosOutdoor senior girl picturesGlass Wall senior picturesSenior Girl Studio posesAlley Senior Pictures
Kim chose to do her pictures in the middle of the day.  Thinking logically as a photographer, my immediate reaction was “this is bad”.  Midday, high sun, bright sun, hard light, bad shadows, raccoon eyes, etc.  The best, most beautiful outdoor light, as we all know, is either at the beginning or the end of the day.  Normally I would try to steer the girl to pick a time later in the day, early in the evening and explain to that the most flattering light is that soft pre-sunset sun as it begins to dip down towards the horizon.  But I also know Kim.  I have actually known her since her kindergarten days, and know that she has a mind of her own, ideas of her own, and for her senior portrait session, it really would be best!  Letting seniors express themselves through their photos, after all, is what the experience is all about!  And if she had ideas of  how she wanted her pictures to look, then we would figure out a way to work together to create a shared vision.  So, off into the sun we went.  Armed with a light stand, 4 off camera flash units, triggers, reflectors, and a video light we tackled that harsh sun, and brilliant it certainly was that afternoon!  Places that I normally wouldn’t suggest as the light is not ideal are the places we went!  Kim brought a variety of outfits, accessories and shoes.  Some of the items she had were from her recent trip to Europe – so cute and chic.    What I really like about her senior photos is the fashion editorial feel that the use of “artificial” light brings to the outdoor shots.  We were able to keep the deep rich colors, not washing out the background into a white blur or leaving Kim just a dark shadow, which is a hazard when working in full sun situations.

Here is a look at a sampling of her senior portrait session photos, both in the studio and out and about Hazen and the surrounding country side.  I think we got a great variety – from urban looking alleys to the a water side shore,  fallen down buildings, and a beautiful grassy field.

Hazen Senior Pictures: Sunny Day Senior Session photo
Alison Stumpf - September 4, 2013 - 12:54 AM

These are so FRESH and modern. I love the feel. You do amazing work!

Michelle Kroll - September 3, 2013 - 5:23 PM

As a photographer that has yet to master that technique I know how difficult it is!! Fabulous job Justine! And gorgeous girl! You two totally rocked it!

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Williston Senior Pictures – Williston, ND Senior Portraits

Williston Senior Pictures   Williston, ND Senior Portraits photo

Kayla came all the way from Williston, ND to Hazen for her senior pictures.  She is a vibrant young lady with lots of  energy and ambition.   She is also a talented dancer!  She brought along her custom tap shoes to include in her senior pictures.  I loved taking her her out into the alley to show off the shoes, as well as creating a more classic close-up with her shoes and their reflection.  The weather was starting to turn and the colors changing from green to golds, so we took advantage of that and did some fun fall leaves photos.  Then we headed down to the river, where all the golds were reflected beautifully in water and her cream color dress worked perfectly for a harmoniously colored senior portrait.  Soon after her senior pictures were taken, she won the most photogenic at a dance competition with one of her senior photos – where, she also won top honor in the dance competition itself.  Kayle chose to go with the Senior Super Saver plan and create a StoryBoard with her favorite photos.  The Senior Super Saver program also includes the Gallery Book, which is a 5×7 spiral bound book with up to 75 of your favorite images from your senior pictures session.   Prints, wallets, and heirloom pieces are all discounted as well.  Really, this plan cannot be beat! 

Senior girl with tap shoes
Senior girl with Tap Shoes in AlleySenior Girl studio photo tap shoesSenior girl studio photoSenior girl log building picturesSenior girl in fall leavesPicture of senior girl by riversenior girl outdoorsSenior Girl in Formal wearsenior girl storyboard photo

Give me a call 701-748-565 or send me an email to receive a price guide, including the information regarding the Senior Super Saver program for great senior pictures savings! 

Since the studio is located in central North Dakota, we have seniors from all over make the trip here.   A full service studio, tons of backdrops and props and great outdoor locations all within a short driving distances from the studio (and right outside the front door) ensure that you will have a great variety of images to choose from!  And that makes creating your Story Board, Cube, announcements all so much more fun!

Williston Senior Pictures   Williston, ND Senior Portraits photo

Williston Senior Pictures   Williston, ND Senior Portraits photo
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North Dakota Senior Pictures – Hazen Senior Boy

North Dakota Senior Pictures   Hazen Senior Boy photo

Tyler came to senior pictures with both his mom and his dad.  That was great!  I really enjoyed getting to know his family and everybody had a good time.   Tyler had some ideas of his own, including getting some photos with his tattoo.  He actually spent a few years drawing and perfecting the design of his tattoo himself!  I have been kicking around the idea of getting a tattoo myself, but I haven’t come across anything that really means something special enough to me to do it.  And, in general, I think that as a teen you are still learning who you are, changing and growing, so choosing a tattoo at such a young age that will be meaningful throughout your life is that much more difficult.  However, Tyler really put time, thought, dedication and some amazing artistry into his  design and I think it turned out beautifully!  Choosing black and white and really deepening the shadows in that photo really makes the eye study the tattoo, itself.  I’m really touched he decided to share that with me and include it in his senior photos.  A few formals and a few casuals sets in the studio, and then we headed out.  Out in the alleys near the studio we captured Tyler’s hobbies of skateboarding and motorcycle riding.  We also decided to use his guitars outdoors – the acoustic in a more a rustic setting and the electric on the tracks.
I love the shot of him walking away – the final image of his senior pictures session.  It really symbolizes going off into a new adventure. 

Senior boy and tatoo
Formal style senior boysenior with motorcycleSenior boy outdoorsClose up of senior boySenior boy and skateboardSenior boy with guitar on trackssenior boy and guitarSenior boy outdoors guitar
2014 Seniors:  Bringing along items from your outdoor activities is a great idea and will make your pictures more personal to you.

Send me an email or give me a call to receive a complete Senior Portraits Pricing Guide


North Dakota Senior Pictures   Hazen Senior Boy photo

North Dakota Senior Pictures   Hazen Senior Boy photo
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Mandan Senior Pictures – North Dakota Summer Photos

Mandan Senior Pictures   North Dakota Summer Photos photo

McKenna is just a doll!  With her big smile, fun laugh, great tan, and little freckles, she’s a summer girl for sure!  I love that she didn’t want to hide those freckles.  They just say summer to me.

Summer sure is a busy time for me!   Of course, in North Dakota we don’t have a whole lot of time to get those great summer senior photos in, so my schedule always seem to be jam packed.  But I do leave some time slots open to accommodate for our unpredictable summer thunder storms.  Most of the time we can just juggle our times around a little bit and wait for the storms to pass, staying in the studio until we can head back out again.  But, if the rain just wants to hang around too long or the sky is just too black, we will just find another day.  It always seems to work out.

Hey 2014 seniors – I am up for trying some shots in the rain, if you are!  I have a plan forming in my mind so let me know if this might interest you and if you have a flexible schedule.

But I digress…McKenna’s session was just fun and I always try to include a few of those moments that highlight what it was all about – like that one of her laughing.  I love that one!  A few in the sunflowers were perfect timing as well.  They aren’t around too long and the light has to be right.  Sunflower photos are actually a challenge, technically speaking, so these were a great capture.  We had just about finished up our session and were heading back to the studio, when I noticed the old truck by the side of the road.  It isn’t always there, so when the light is right it’s a fun spot to stop and grab just a few more shots.  I’m so glad she came up from Mandan to see me here in Hazen for her senior pictures!

Senior Girl and sunflower field
senior girl close up in sunflowersSenior girl and old truckSenior girl by waterSenior Gir lying in roadsenior girl dirt roadclose up senior girlSenior girl studio photoSenior Girl laughing

Mandan Senior Pictures   North Dakota Summer Photos photo
Mandan Senior Pictures   North Dakota Summer Photos photo
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