Watford City Senior Pictures

Senior Pictures Watford NDI am always thankful when a senior makes a long trip to come see me.  I know she is looking for something fun, a little different from what is around her part of North Dakota.  After talking on the phone about what her ideas are, I send off a complete and Free guide on how to prepare for her senior session. Everything from outfits to bring, accessories, make-up tips, and directions on how to find the studio.  I always tell the girls to overpack.  We may not make it to everything, but having choices is always great!   When she arrives, we unpack it all and start talking again about her ideas and looking through what outfits we might want to use with what studio backdrops or outdoor locations.

Rustic Senior PicturesPosing seems to be one of the biggest worries.  It truly doesn’t need to be.  I am very good at directing seniors into poses from casual natural to fun and flirty.  I know the tips and tricks to help you look great from fingers to toes.

Senior Girl in FieldRiver Senior Pictures

I have a full service studio with a ton of backgrounds to choose from.  Props are usually kept simple so we can focus on the senior herself.  And just outside the Main Street studio are a great variety of outdoor locations!

Best ND Senior PicturesSenior pictures studio North Dakota

Learn a bit more about senior pictures at Natural Impressions: Photography by Justine in Hazen, North Dakota

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Why White for Baby Photos?

One of the most common questions about baby photography I am asked is why so many of the baby photos are done on white backgrounds…..

Bismarck baby picturesIncluded in the Milestone’s Baby Plan, you receive a 10×20 storyboard featuring your favorite photo from each of your 4 sessions.  To be sure that the the photos all coordinate on the final Story Board, we make sure the take plenty of photos on the white background.  Hey!   There are 5 photos on that storyboard!  Yes, you can also include a photo from your newborn session, should you choose.  Newborn sessions are 1/2 off with the purchase of the Milestone’s Plan – making Natural Impressions Milestone’s Baby Plan the best value in baby photography in North Dakota.

Milestones Baby PlanUsing pure white, we are sure to keep our complete focus on your adorable baby!

With the clean background, our eyes naturally go directly to those perfect little cheeks, curious eyes, funny little tongue and sweet smiles.

Baby Plan PhotographyMilestones Baby Plan


White will never go out of style.  Your baby photos will always look great hanging on your walls, no matter how many years go by or how many times your change your decor.

Clean, crisp and classic, white backgrounds will always look great!

Baby Plan PhotosBismarck Baby Pictures Packages


When adding in a prop the baby still remains the focus and the pop of color creates visual interest.  For your storyboard at the end of the Milestone’s Baby Plan, you can choose photos with a variety of accent colors and props, and still have a cohesive final project if the backgrounds are all white.

Dickinson Baby PicturesHazen Baby PicturesDickinson Baby Photography


When designing your storyboard at the end of the Milestone’s Baby Plan, you can choose photos with a variety of accent colors and props,

and still have a cohesive final project if the backgrounds are all white.

Dickinson Baby PhotographyBismarck Baby PicturesWhen you purchase the baby plan you receive a FREE guide on how to plan for each of your four sessions through out the year.  Tips on what stage of development we are trying to capture, best times to photograph baby, clothing and props, etc.

The absolute best value in North Dakota baby photography, the  Milestone’s Baby Plan gives you over $300.00 in savings! 

Bismarck Photogapher

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Lip Tips for Great Senior Pics!


One of my top tips for great looking senior pictures is to have nice lips.  That doesn’t mean you have to go overboard on the lipstick.

It does mean that they should not be dry and cracked.  That just is not pretty.  So for great lips, these first three are essential:

Beautiful Lips Senior Pictures

  1.  Exfoliate – yes you can exfoliate your lips, just be gentle!  Try Satin Lips by Mary Kay.  Or for a quick fix at the last minute, mix together a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of sugar and apply to lips in a gentle circular motion.
  2. Moisturize Daily – at least a week  before your senior pictures, start being diligent about applying moisturizer to your lips.  Your lips are exposed everyday to all kinds of things that can dry them out – sun, wind, air pollution, medications, etc.  To make sure they are photo ready, keep applying that lip balm!  Key ingredients to look for are coconut butter or oil, shea butter and Vitamin E oil
  3. Sun Protection – just like your skin, your lips need protection from the sun!  Burned, blistered or cracked lips just won’t do for senior pictures!  Choose a balm with a minimum SPF of 15, even in the winter.

Everybody can follow those basics, but let’s take it a few steps further and really enhance your lips for picture perfection!

Senior Girl from Bismarck

  1.  Tinted Balm is an excellent choice for those who want a hint of color but don’t want to use a traditional lipstick.  Its great way to enhance your natural lip color, add moisture and even a bit of shine.  Perfect for the more natural look in your photos!  Check out Mary Kay At Play Tinted Balm
  2. Enhance the Shape of your lips with liner.  Choose a color that matches your choice in lip color you want to use.  Carefully outline your lip before applying lip stick.  You can even change the shape of your lips slightly by tracing slightly outside your lip line.  When you fill in with color, nobody will be able to tell.  Add gloss for the finishing touch.
  3. Be careful of the “Nude Lip Look”.  Its on trend and looks great in real life.  In photos, though, you don’t want you lips to look ghost like.   A nude lip should never be matte, but always have a little sheen or gloss.  Look for a color that is just a shade deeper than your natural lip color to ensure your lips don’t just disappear under the harsh studio lights.  This is a great article with tips on successfully creating the nude lip look – Click Here


My final tip – step out of your comfort zone and try some color!  It can really help create some dramatic fun photos…something a little different and fun for your senior pictures!

For more tips on lips take a look at Mary Kay’s Lip Tips to Love

Night Winter Senior Pictures

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Musical Senior Pictures – North Dakota Seniors

Senior Pictures with fluteMy girls have been involved in music since they were little.  And while I am certainly not a musician myself, I have really come to appreciate all the great things that music does for young people!  And I really love it when seniors show up with their instruments – I see personalities emerge when they start talking about their love of music, whether its playing in the band (all types of bands), singing in a choir or just playing solely for themselves.

Why is music so good for us?

    1.  Music fosters creativity!  Of course there’s musical creativity, but many of the seniors that come in for portraits with their instruments bring their own ideas for those portraits, too!  Its so fun to collaborate with a musician – two artists bringing a vision together.
    2. Playing an instrument relieves stress.  I’m sure all of us non-musicians have felt this…we turn on some great music and sigh in relief.  But studies have actually shown that playing an instrument lowers heart rate, blood pressure and even the stress hormone cortisol.  So many teens have told me they just love to play on their own in their rooms.  I’m sure it feels great to disappear into music in the midst of all demands on students today.
    3. Playing music enhances your social life.  Working together in a band, collaborative song writing, harmonizing in choir are forms of “team work” and build our social circles.  And besides, we have all heard the saying that music is the universal language.  Every senior I talk to about music says they have loved their years in band or choir and have made some of their best friends there.  Many students are not just musicians….they are also athletes, aspiring scientists, mechanics, and budding entrepreneurs…proving music brings all types of people together.
    4. Music makes your smarter and improves memory.  There are all kinds of studies about how learning to read music and play an instrument have a direct impact on a students academic achievements in math and science.  Music is actually linked with higher IQs and the physical development of certain parts of the brain.
    5. Music is Fun – whether we are singing along in the car and actually making our own music, it brings a sense of joy into our lives.  I see it in seniors when they pick up their instruments.  We don’t just fake the playing of the instruments in our photos shoots, either.  They actually play, and when doing so, I see the most genuine smiles that come from inside!
      Creative Flute Photos
      Beulah Music PicturesSenior boy with GuitarGuitar in field senior pictursMusic senior picturesPiano Outside Senior PicturesDifferent Senior Music picturesStreet DrumsBlack and White Flute PicturesSenior Girl MusicHazen Jazz BandSenior boy with Bass Saxaphone

6.  There is no time limit on music!  You can play, learn, and enjoy music your entire life long!  I know many of these seniors have gone on to play in college bands, pep bands, choirs, garage bands, etc.  Many are studying music in college.  And some are even making their living with music!

To schedule your senior pictures session or to get more information please use the form below to shoot me a message.  I can’t wait to hear your ideas – pun intended!

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be-YOU-tiful – the Tween Photo Project

Tween Photos

Oh my goodness, those tween years are tough.   Many of your kids may have heard my daughter, Delanie, Miss North Dakota 2015, talk about her troubled middle school years.  She talked with thousands of students as she toured the state and made presentations to elementary, middle and high schools about the power of Courage, Empathy and Kindness in the face of bullying.    I had the opportunity to sit in on a few of the presentations and when she got to the nitty gritty of her experiences, it filled my eyes with tears every time.   The bullying, the self-doubt, the tears, wondering where she fit in….it was not easy!  And I am embarking on those years again with my youngest daughter.

So, how does a picture fit into the scheme of the Tween Years?  As parents, we are always thinking of ways to bolster our children’s self confidence.



Babies are so cute, new and chubby.  Toddlers have those big, bright eyes, and let’s face it, kids just do the darndest things. But those tween ages are often forgotten.
Ages 10-13 kids aren’t really children anymore, but they aren’t quite true teens, either. I got to thinking that a photo shoot was a terrific idea to help tweens look and feel beautiful and help instill confidence in themselves when they hit those middle schools years.

So I am starting the “BeYOUtiful Project” to fill in the forgotten photo years while enriching the lives of preteens.
The main goal is to make preteens look and feel beautiful and be confident in who they are.

These Tween Sessions will be different than a standard photo session, or even a senior pictures session. As part of the session, I  will ask the
models and their parents a few questions (, then combine the text and photographs to create impactful pieces of art – either in a print, a collage or  book, all designed around your terrific Tween!
Why “BeYOUtiful”?
I want to capture the the personality of these tweens and record the last stage of their childhood before they become young ladies and gentlemen. I want them to realize their true beauty  and uniqueness so that
they are confident in themselves before they hit Junior High. Imagine the impact a single beautiful image can do for your tween’s self image.

pre teen portraits
Hazen pre teen photosfargo tween photographyBismarck teen photographypre teen photographyPre teen photo sessionTween photography



Think about this:  If someone surprised you with 10-15 positive quotes about you, how would you feel? I bet it would be AMAZING! Well, we’re doing just that but not for you, sorry 🙁 , for girls ages 10-13!  Be amongst the first to contact me, and I will offer you some great discounts.
Find out more about this project, and the secret you’ll need to keep!  Fill out form below…



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