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AimeeGrace and I were able to take a trip to Minnesota to see Delanie and see the show she was in. And while we were there, I made them take a few photos together!
Delanie took us on a little trip down a gravel road and we found a pretty little spot in the snow.  Along with some sisters pictures, we also knocked out some new head shots for Delanie.
It was a quick little photo shoot, only taking about 15 minutes. Maybe the best 15 minutes of the trip…(other than seeing Delanie on stage, of course)
AimeeGrace already has prints hanging in her room and I have some framed in the living room.
Moral of the story: take the time to take the photos! There will never be any regrets!

Bismarck Photographer_0035.jpgPhotographer in Dickinson NDBismarck ND photographerPhotographer in Bismarck NDPhotographer in Bismarck ND
Bismarck Photographer_0037.jpgBismarck Photographer_0032.jpgBismarck Photographer_0031.jpg
Bismarck Photographer_0033.jpg
Bismarck Photographer_0034.jpgBismarck Photographer_0038.jpg

Bismarck Photographer_0039.jpg
Bismarck Photographer_0040.jpg

Take advantage of the clean fresh look of snow while we still have it!  Give me a call or email now to schedule your session!




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5 Tips for Great Wedding Photos | ND Wedding Photographer

I am so excited to unveil my new Bridal Guide!  I have spent so much time putting together this 70 page magazine to help brides have the best photographic experience on their wedding day!  It is full of information from preparing for engagement photos to planning the wedding time line, and all the little details in between!  I can’t wait to share it with my brides!  And, of course, it features some of the prettiest photos of my past brides and grooms, their families and weddings!  It’s not just a PDF either – its a real life gorgeous magazine!  My gift to every one of my brides!

North Dakota Bridal Guide

Here are some of my basic tips for helping your Wedding Day photography be the best it can be!

Getting Ready:  Plan extra time into your time line.  It seems like 8 hours is plenty of time for photos, but it seems to slip by so quickly during the day!  I suggest adding in time specifically during your getting ready time.  From a million people asking a million questions, misplaced cuff links, or just getting the bridal veil attached correctly…the minutes slip by.  Add in some cushion so you aren’t worrying about it.

North Dakota Wedding Photographer

Family Photos:  Remind all people in family photos to gather in one place and not to leave!  So many times we are ready for Uncle Harry and he’s left the scene.  Also remind everybody to have corsages are boutonnieres already pinned on.   Don’t worry about getting every last combo of grandparents, siblings and cousins. Stick to a few important shots.  If there is a particular photo you must have be sure to have it on a shot list for your photographer.

Gather the Goods:  When the photographer first arrives they are getting an idea of the space, meeting your wedding party and getting the creative ideas flowing.  Help keep the beginning of the day running smoothly by gathering all the bridal details that you want photographed into one place (a box or tub is ideal).  That way the photographer can get to work without hunting down each piece.

Bismarck ND wedding photographer

Really consider the “First Look”!  Many brides want to stick with tradition and have their groom see her for the first time as she walks down the isle.  By doing a First Look before the ceremony you actually are gaining more photo time and actual images while reducing stress.  You can go directly from your ceremony to your reception and start the party! While I would never insist on a First Look, I would also be happy to talk to you about all the benefits!

Enjoy your day… things may not go exactly as planned…it may rain, the flower girl might melt down during photos, or your garter may get lost.  And its okay.  Enjoy your day…it will go by in a matter of hours but your marriage will be a lifetime!

wedding photorapher in bismarck ndPlease give me a call 701-748-5656 or email at to discuss all your ideas and plans for your wedding day!

I would be happy to send you a Wedding Experience Pricing Guide to get you started!  I truly look forward to hearing from you.




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North Dakota Teen Pageant Photos

One of my newer favorite things to do is photos for the local pageant title holders! It something that I’ve only learned about the past two years, but has found its way into my heart.
These girls are quite simply amazing. They are smart, articulate, talented and brave. Yes, brave. I think it takes a certain amount of courage to enter a pageant. These young ladies stand up in front of a panel of judges and an audience full of people and must express themselves in 5 areas of competition. So, yes, I will call these girls brave.
This is Miss Coal Country’s Oustanding Teen 2017, Danyka. This was her first pageant and she walked into the practice area in the morning not knowing a soul yet willing try something totally new and unknown! That takes courage!
And I can safely say that she walked out with a new group of friends!
She stepped out on stage and wowed the judges with her unique Ukranian dance and talked with the audience about her platform advocating for foster children.
It’s girls like these that are going to make the difference for all us – smart, kind, self motivated and courageous!

Teen Pageant Photo
Teen girl in pink gownMiss Teen OT with crown and sashTeen pageant photo in casual outfit
Teen girl with crownTeen outstanding teen title holder with crown and sash close up

Outdoor teen pageant photo

Outdoor teen pageant pictures

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North Dakota Wedding Discount Reservation

Did you get one of these beauties recently?  It seems to be engagement season between Christmas and Valentine’s day, and I have seen so many joyful announcements!  I am excited that I am taking on more weddings this summer than I ever have before and to share that, I am offering a bit of a break when you make your wedding day photography reservation this month!  Please give me a call, email or contact here and I will send you the complete Wedding Experience Pricing Guide.  Or, even better, let’s meet and talk over all your ideas and plans over coffee!

North Dakota wedding photos

North Dakota Wedding Photographer

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North Dakota Winter Engagement Photos!

The theme of this engagement session? Falling…Clay and Kelly falling (in love)…me falling (on the ice) – okay so that’s a pretty dorky intro to this session.
It was truly a perfect winter afternoon for their engagement pictures. The weather was warm the sun was shining, and they are an adorable couple! I loved hearing their story and how Clay picked out the perfect engagement ring. He has great taste and its a stunner!
We had a great start and found some snowy spots that weren’t to slushy and still pretty white. Next cute spot was on the bench. They looked great but I had to take a few steps back to get that wide shot…whoops, down I went!
And, of course, I had to land in a puddle. Thankfully, nothing was broke, including the camera, so I could laugh it off. Clay was a gentleman and helped me up and literally pulled me up onto the snow bank. You got a good guy, there, Kelly…he didn’t even laugh.

I think we got some amazing photos and I can’t wait for October! If this is the preview, just wait until the big day – and I promise I won’t biff it again!

Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0005.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0006.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0007.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0008.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0009.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0010.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0011.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0012.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0013.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0014.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0015.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0016.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0017.jpg
Dickinson Engagement Pictures_0018.jpg

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